The Secretary of the main opposition All People’s Congress, Lansana Dumbuya has pleaded with the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) to ensure peace prevail during the elections.

We are pleading with you (ECSL) to ensure that we avert violence during this election,” Dumbuya pleaded.

Speaking to supporters at the party headquarters in Freetown Secretary General criticised the operations of the ECSL claiming that their actions could lead to violence.

Dumbuya also referenced the anomalies in the voter’s ID cards as precursors for violence during the election.

If the cards (photos) are dark, it means that you (ECSL) don’t want peace,” he said.

He added that people want to be assured that they would be able to vote albeit the photo section of their cards not properly identifiable.

Early in May, the main opposition party registered dismay accusing the ECSL of being biased after they indicated that the APC Presidential nomination is provisional.

The APC party reacted through a press release after they found out that similar tag was not used for other political parties presidential candidates by the ECSL.

With barely 45 days to the June polls, pressure is presently mounting as campaign is due to officially start in the final half of May.

Both the incumbent SLPP and main opposition APC have called for free and fair elections in June.