APC Secretary Replies SLPP Chairman For Threating to Arrest Okada Riders Who Are Supporting APC in Kenema

Following a recent video where Okada riders in Kenema rally the streets to demonstrate their dismays over issues affecting them and many Sierra Leoneans, and also voicing out their support to the opposition party All Peoples Congress (APC), the SLPP District Chairman,  Moriba S. Kamara, popularly known as Agbao, replied to the Okada riders of Kenema on a video with a threat that, if the ring leaders of the rally are not brought forth to him, he will have issues with the Okada riders Union.

He added that, he has had a meeting with the Resident Minister of Kenema District with regards to the matter and that there is already a statement at the Kenema Police Station. If the ring leaders of the rally are not brought forth to the party office, he has scores to settle with the Okada Riders Union Kenema, Moriba S. Kamara noted.

With regards to these threats on social media, the Regional District Secretary Northwest Region, Abu Bakarr Boxx Konteh responded to these threats from the SLPP District Chairman, Moriba S. Kamara.

According to Abu bakarr Boxx Konteh, he considered the statements issued from the SLPP District Chairman Kenema to be reckless and very disappointing to the ears of Sierra Leoneans.

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On his very own words he said:

“We state that we stand for citizens’ political freedom all over Salone and the reckless statement coming from the SLPP District Chairman is very disappointing.

One thing he should keep in mind is that slpp supporters are all over the country, so if he chooses to use violence or seize the political freedom of APC supporters in Kenema, the same will be done to slpp supporters elsewhere. We must maintain the peace in this upcoming election but while doing that the APC supporters will be protected.

I call on all Okada riders frustrated with the current misdirection to continue to exercise their freedom of expression and association peacefully and within the laws of Sierra Leone.



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