APC Secretary General Reportedly Hires Thugs For Le1 Million to Embarrass Justice Abdulai O. Conteh

The Secretary General of the All People’s Congress Party, Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh would quickly come to the rescue of the APC thugs hearing the description for another time of the group that reflects the typical behaviour in the 1960s, 70s and 80s of this group of APC party security guards that has been replicated in the last two days of the 2nd week, in the month of July 2021 at the premises of the APC party Headquarters at Brookfields and #3 Mammah Street Brookfields, the office of the Media One Centre.

The two attacks by the group headed by Commander Abdul Pooney Conteh were reportedly being sponsored by the expired Secretary General of the Party.

Two press releases have been issued. The first one was dated 14th July, 2021 under the caption meeting to reconcile difference with the party.

In that letter the Secretary General did not state about the alleged intelligence he claimed to have received relating to arms and ammunition that he lied were going to be secretly placed within the party Headquarters, instead he stated about a meeting that NAC was going to have, whilst he was busy putting the thugs together to disrupt the proposed stakeholders meeting on the 15th July, 2021 which he was officially informed about by the members.

Shortly, after the party thugs headed by Abdul Pooney Conteh had accomplished the mission assigned to them, that is to embarrass and disgrace the retired Appellate Court, Justice Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh and team, the expired Osman Foday Yansaneh sensing the weight of what he had sponsored and its consequences, quickly scribbled on papers what he referred to as a press release giving reasons why the doors of the Party Headquarters were ordered locked by him, but did not give reason as to why the APC thugs embarrassed and disgraced Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh and team and subsequently prevented them from getting access to the office.

Reading through the two releases dated 14th and 16th the two of them are incompatible and contained a number of inaccuracies and untruths that can easily be detected.

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It was on 16th Friday, 2021 that a cheque in the sum of Le 1,000,000 was reported paid to Abdul Pooney Conteh and team. The cash was withdrawn from one of the commercial banks in Freetown and shared among members of the thuggery group. On 17th July, 2021 at around 1pm, the same group of thugs that have received directives from the expired Secretary General of the APC Party launched an attack on the office of Media One Centre under the guise of attacking Hon. Ibrahim Bundu who has gone to the building to take part in a discussion programme organized by the Star Television. Members of the Sierra Leone Police were called upon to rescue the situation which was done promptly.

A senior member of the APC Party has explained that the activities of Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh are deliberate meant to stall the progress of the party from proceeding forward.

“This was how he destroyed the late ex-president, Joseph Saidu Momoh.” The party member explained that Ambassador Yansaneh pretended to be working in the interest of the late president and succeeded in confusing him for his selfish achievement until his demise.

“He is good at destroying other people and pretend to be on their side.” He remarked.

Ambassador Yansaneh has always described himself as a shrewd politician who can change things to his advantage. This he is gradually showcasing without the faintest idea of most of his colleagues. “He will dupe Dr. Samura Kamara who thought that he is working for him, not knowing that he is working for himself as he is aware that he will not cross the Court of Appeal and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).”

The party source added and concluded by saying that Ambassador Yansaneh is equally interested in the flagbearership of the party and most time comparing himself to President Buhari of Nigeria saying that “He is older than him so he too can win and rule Sierra Leone.”


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