The leadership of the diverse political parties comprising APPA-SL has recognized the ongoing election discourse, leading them to compile 23 findings and recommendations within a press statement dated August 24th, 2023.

Below are the findings and Recommendations they wish to make the following public:

  1. The political parties in APPA participated in the national elections and that APPA-SL views the conduct of the June 24th Multi-tier Elections as transparent, inclusive and peaceful. We commend the ECSL for creating the enabling environment for us to participate. It could not have been perfect but we proudly associate ourselves with its outcome. Even the biggest of democracies have had the worst election stories of recent times.

  2. We take this opportunity to congratulate His Excellency the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio for his re-election.

  3. APPA-SL saw the rigorous way His Excellency the President campaigned across the country on concrete issues around the big 5 manifesto commitment and the entire nation resonates with his campaign message and voted for his continuity.

  4. Whiles we contested to win, we accepted that H.E Dr. Julius Maada Bio won the June 24th Presidential Elections and are ready to work with him for the development of Sierra Leone.

  5. Elections are over and the people have voted and elected their President, We therefore take this opportunity to thank the people of Sierra Leone for the peaceful way they conducted themselves during the elections and the post-election period.

  6. We are proud as a nation that at least there was no report of gender-based violence or any other cases of elections violence on women and children.

  7. APPA-SL also note that International and local observers have overwhelmingly praised the conduct of the election that it is peaceful and transparent with minimal challenges.

  8. APPA-SL also note the individual statements from the leaderships of nine political parties on the conduct of the June 24th Elections. Those views on the outcome of the elections should be respected.

  9. We note that several credible organizations observed the June 24th elections and have decently done what any observer can or ought to do. This is what we as political parties expect from observer missions and not make inciteful statements.

10.APPA-SL takes note of the statement made by the outgoing US Ambassador as a total breached of the Vienna convention and wish to state that such statement undermined the respect of diplomatic principles covering each and every diplomat in a nation state.

11.APPA-SL encourages all diplomats who have concerns to engage the established state Institutions and the government whenever they have an issue to address rather than using inappropriate medium and non-diplomatic sentiments in a sovereign nation.

12.APPA-SL appreciates the establishment of the Electoral Review Committee by His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio on improving electoral processes in our country.

13.APPA-SL kindly request that the membership of the review committee be inclusive with political parties playing a key role in the entire process.

14.APPA-SL observed that since the reintroduction of multi party democracy in Sierra Leone in the late 1990’s, smaller or emerging political parties has been disadvantaged in terms of inclusiveness and active participation in governance processes.

15.APPA-SL therefore, appeal that smaller or emerging political parties are allowed to actively involve in key governance processes.

16.APPA-SL also request that the roles of Observer status be reviewed so that clear lines of demarcation are set on how far they can carry out their observer status.

17.APPA-SL encourages all diplomats to respect and uphold the Vienna Convention which prohibits the interference of diplomats from meddle into the internal politics of that country.

18.APPA-SL calls on the government to continues with it development strives and to also pays premium in promoting national cohesion, inclusive governance, consolidation of peace and democracy, protection of human rights, advancement of the Rule of Law and Press Freedom.

19.APPA SL calls on all political parties to come together and discourages sentiments that are only beneficial to self or partisan interest rather than nation.

20.APPA-SL calls on the government to facilitate a national dialogue forum that will address the present political tensions in order to address our long standing challenges.

21.APPA-SL wants to re-echo the loud voices of Sierra Leoneans on OUR SOVEREIGNTY. We cannot mortgage it to any international body of persons.

22.APPA-SL will continue to thank our development partners for their tremendous support to the people of Sierra Leone, as they seek to contribute to the future of democracy and good governance in Sierra Leone.

  1. We call on Sierra Leoneans to remain peaceful and discountenance hateful, inciteful and tribally decorated comments that have the potential to undermine the peace and national cohesion drive of Sierra Leone.