In a recent social media post, Myk Berewah, the State House Director of Communication, ridiculed Francis Charles Margai, a well-known politician and leader of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) party, for his decision to join the main opposition party, All People’s Congres (APC).

In his post, Myk emphasized that during the 2018 general election, Charles Margai only secured 9,864 votes, which accounted for a mere 0.4% of the total.

He further stated that Charles Margai’s defection to the APC holds no significance.

A video has been circulating on social media showing Margai, accompanied by APC party officials, making his official declaration to join the APC.

Margai, who previously ran as the PMDC presidential candidate in the 2007 election and secured third place with 10% of the vote, performed poorly in the 2012 and 2018 Sierra Leone presidential elections, receiving less than 3% of the votes on both occasions. However, his political journey has been full of unexpected events.

In 2018, shortly after his appointment, a leaked memo from Margai to President Bio came to light, revealing his request to dismiss the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone and other APC officials. In response, President Bio dismissed Margai from his position without providing an official reason, leading to his replacement by Dr. Patrica Schwartz.

Margai’s tenure as Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Sierra Leone was cut short, lasting less than two months. Nevertheless, he still maintains a senior position at the Bar.