President Bio has shown sign of appreciation and a great concern to the people of Kenema over consistent support to his ambition and governance system since 2018.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Kenema city on Tuesday 23rd May, 2023, which also marks his start of campaign in the district coupled with the launch of his ‘Peoples’ Manifesto’, President Bio thanked the people for trusting him their support as well as assuring them of a continuous output in his second mandate after the June 24th election.

The people of Kenema have consistently shown me that their support is unwavering. Today, the people of Kenema and the entire country would be proud to say they voted for the right man,” he maintained.

He furthered that, his government since 2018 have been able to live by the expectations of the people for which he wants to seek their support to work on the already built foundations at different sectors in the country, adding that a pile of mechanisms are in place to battle the challenges mapped in the five years mandate which has ended.

“In order to address some of the challenges especially in relation to food security, we have decided that in my second term in office, we will get back to the farm. We have made commitment in our recently launched manifesto that we will have to ensure that we cultivate what we consume,” he affirmed.