Julius Maada Bio, the presidential candidate from the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has unveiled the “New Direction Manifesto” at the Eastern Technical University in Kenema.

The manifesto focuses on five key thematic areas known as “The Big Five” and is considered a contractual agreement between the SLPP and the people of Sierra Leone.

In his manifesto, President Bio, who is aspiring for a second term, outlined his plans and priorities. He emphasized his commitment to a comprehensive initiative called “FEED SALONE” if re-elected.

Outlined below are the five strategic promises put forth by the SLPP Presidential Aspirant, as stated in their manifesto.


An Initiative to Boost Agricultural Productivity to Ensure Food Security and Inclusive Economic Growth H.E. President’s top priority in his second term is for Sierra Leone to be food self-sufficient The next SLPP government will boost agricultural productivity by increasing investment. Which will fuel inclusive economic growth, boost food production, reduce hunger & poverty. create jobs, boost export earnings and build our resilience in the face of climate change.


Nurturing Skills for 21st Century Industry Inclusive economic growth relies on skilled and educated human capital. In the next five years, the SLPP government will invest in developing the technical and vocational skills required to grow the economy focusing particularly on creating equal opportunity for women. We will invest in health systems to develop a healthy and capable workforce for a 21st century economy.


A Presidential Initiative to create 500,000 jobs for the youth in five years YES! is a Presidential Initiative to harness the energy of Sierra Leone’s youth by creating 500.000 jobs in the next five years. These jobs will include skills and unskilled. long-term and seasonal jobs across all sectors. This will be done by providing incentives to the private sector to hire, train, and upskill especially young women and girls.


Delivery, Efficiency and Professionalism In the next five years, the SLPP will continue its mission to fostering a professional and merito- cratic public service that is fit for purpose and delivers on its mandate. Our goal is to attract. support and retain the best and the brightest to serve the people of Sierra Leone.


Pathways for Sustained Economic Growth (TIPEG) The SLPP government will accelerate its inclusive growth agenda by investing in infrastruc- ture, technology and digitisation. This will be done by investing in energy generation and transmission, the construction of roads and bridges, expanding energy access across the country, and making it easier to link production centres and markets. We aim to digitise our financial sector to expand financial inclusion as a way to increase economic participation”

The framers of the said Manifesto believes that making progress in these key areas will set Sierra Leone on an irreversible path of sustainable economic development and social progress.