According to Minister of Information Communications, Mohamed Rahman Swaray, President Julius Maada Bio is highly determined and confident in his ability to secure victory in the upcoming presidential poll on Saturday, June 24th.

Minister Swaray, in an interview with the media, expressed his confidence in President Bio’s tireless efforts to ensure a resounding victory without the need for a runoff.

Minister Swaray highlighted President Bio’s remarkable accomplishments in various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, energy, tourism, infrastructural development, empowerment of women, and the reform of outdated laws.

Notably, President Bio’s administration successfully repealed sections of the 1965 Public Order Act that criminalized libel laws and abolished the death penalty, showcasing their commitment to progressive reforms.

The minister emphasized that the overwhelming support and appreciation shown by Sierra Leoneans during the President’s visits throughout the country are clear indicators of their recognition of his achievements over the past five years.

Even traditionally opposition strongholds, such as the Northern Region, have witnessed a shift in support towards President Bio’s ruling party, thanks to the transformative impact of his development initiatives on the lives of Northerners. Minister Swaray pointed out the recent endorsement of President Bio by numerous former All People’s Congress (APC) stalwarts and supporters during his visit to the Koinadugu District on May 18th, 2023.

President Bio is set to launch his election campaign in Kenema City followed by the unveiling of the party manifesto.

These events will provide an opportunity for President Bio to showcase his significant accomplishments based on the 2018 manifesto and present his vision for a second term in office if reelected.

Minister Swaray anticipates that President Bio will inspire voters with his extensive track record of achievements and outline his ambitious plans for the future.