One of Sierra Leone’s opposition parties, Coalition for Change (C4C) has got their first presidential aspirant ahead of June’s general elections.

Ernest George Cole recently officially submitted an expression of interest in running for the party’s standard-bearer position in the 2023 presidential election.

Cole submitted his letter of intent to his 21-member interim commission of the party in a ceremony that brought together party officials from across the country, including C4C lawmakers, pressure groups, and party supporters.

He explained that he has been a member of the C4C party since its inception in 2018, adding that realizing his political ambitions would change the party and Sierra Leone’s leadership.

The People’s Party and the National People’s Congress have been in their hands for over 60 years.

“I don’t have time to blame people or parties. I know what needs to be done and I understand the issues affecting the country and its people,”ย he said.

On behalf of the 21-member Interim Commission, Mr . Francis Bendou thanked Ernest George for his call and wished him luck in his endeavors, being the first party member to lead the party into the 2023 elections. He assured Ernest that the committee had received his letter expressing interest in leading the party to elections.

He shared that the C4C party was formed out of a belief that Sierra Leone’s major political parties were not providing the much-needed development the country needed.

From the beginning, the people of Sierra Leone supported the party, providing eight parliamentarians, one local council, and one municipal council, he continued. He said it meant the party was an important partner in governance to carry out the country’s vision.

book. Bendu said the interim committee was established by order of the Sierra Leone High Court, chaired by Supreme Court Justice Adrian Fisher, and was launched following a case involving former state officials of the party and some diaspora members.

He assured that a national delegates conference would be held soon, as the party had already completed lower-level elections.

Another Interim Commission member, Sir Charles, said, “The C4C party is here to stay and help change the political narrative of this country. As we are in the process of giving the party a new name, we urge all Sierra Leoneans, especially women, to join the party. โ€

Ernest George Cole was born in Freetown. He attended Cathedral Primary School and Prince of Wales Secondary School. He went to Moscow University, where he received a master’s degree in history. he spent most of his time in the United States as a businessman.