The All People’s Congress (APC) Vice Presidential Candidate, Hon. Chernor Maju Bah has launched the APC campaign in the northern district of Karene.

During the launch, Bah visited several towns and villages including Foredugu, Madina, Rogbin, Kamakwie and Kamalo -hometown of APC Presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara.

During the visits, the APC Vice Presidential Candidate expressed his appreciation for the confidence repose in him to contest again after the 2018 defeat.

He reminisced on the 2018 elections in which he told locals in the district that Samura Kamara was robbed of victory.

Bah canvassed locals to vote for the APC in order to escape the harsh economic hardship in the country. He assured them of the plans of the APC Presidential Candidate which include the transformation of social sectors and economic reforms.

He also shared other key visions and determination of the APC if they are victorious in the June 2023 polls.

In another news, the APC Southern Region Campaign Chairman, Elogima Momodu was said to have been attacked by SLPP thugs in Rutile, Bonthe District.

In a widely circulated post on social media, photos of Momodu could be seen with blood oozing from his head.