During a recent speech to SLPP supporters regarding the Free Quality Education program, Sierra Leone’s President, Julius Maada Bio, proclaimed that any citizen of Sierra Leone who dies under red (the colour symbol of the main opposition APC) will go to hell.

President Bio emphasized that the current generation of children who have access to education will not suffer like previous generations who did not have such opportunities.

He urged citizens to appreciate politicians who prioritize the future of their children, as they will be responsible for their welfare in old age.

President Bio acknowledged that he may not be able to provide money to citizens, but he is investing in the education of their children because he believes the long-term benefits of their education will outweigh immediate monetary gains.

He thanked the people for their support and reminded them of their responsibility to make informed decisions.

He also criticized the tendency of Sierra Leoneans to blindly inherit political affiliations from their ancestors, rather than supporting development.

“They will say, I was born under red and it is under red I will die. If you die under red, you will go to hell,” President Bio warned.

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