The Presidential Candidate for the Main Opposition All Peoples Congress Party (APC), Samaura Kamara, has in one of his campaign tours revealed to his supporters that, he has pledged his life and everything for the good of Sierra Leone.

Immediately after the launch of his ‘one nation manifesto’ on the 29th May 2023, Samura together with other party stalwarts is optimistic of the fact that, they understand the problems of the country better and they are prepared to use their expertise to transform and connect the missing links should they are given the mandate after the June 24th elections by the people of Sierra Leone.

Making his statement, he maintained that, for the people to be self-sufficient, they have to change the style of agriculture for which they have mapped strategies to achieve, the mining sector he said will be boosted once again under his administration.

“ I want to make a promise to all of you today, my life, your life are all important, none is above the other and therefore, I pledge myself, my life for the good of every youth, the women and Sierra Leoneans”

Samura maintained that, Sierra Leone is his responsibility and called on all to work harder to push the country forward.