The former spokesman for the erstwhile Government of Ernest Bai Koroma, Alpha Khan has referred to President Julius Maada Bio as a better leader and champion of development.

He said that the country is in good hands and will continue to be in the good hands of President Bio after the June 24th general election.

Speaking at one of SLPP campaign tours in Freetown, Khan revealed reasons for throwing his support to President Bio. He said that Bio made him a minister as well as Presidential Spokesman while was still a member of the APC.

He said he informed his party that the president has called him to serve the nation in a letter which they deliberately did not reply to but to him, it was okay as “silence is consent”.

“I came to answer the call of President Bio and I worked for him. What made me happy the most is for the free quality education he accorded to our children cut across the country.

“We were suffering to pay school fees but that is over now. He has lifted the flag of this country higher as he has taken us back to the UN Security Council. The IMF has also endorsed him as a good manager of the economy. He is also a man of peace,” Khan said.