In a recent campaign tour ahead of the upcoming multi-tier elections in June, the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Maada Bio, expressed her admiration for President Julius Maada Bio’s faithfulness and leadership.

During a rally in Kenema, Mrs. Bio highlighted the President’s commitment to his marital vows, stating that no one could point to a girlfriend in the President’s life during his five years in office.

Addressing a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, Mrs. Bio emphasized the importance of a leader’s integrity and personal values. She asserted that President Julius Maada Bio has remained faithful to her, and has not engaged in any extramarital relationships throughout his presidency.

“You should go and vote for the man who, for five years, no one can point to his girlfriend. He has one wife, Fatima Maada Bio,” the First Lady declared.

She urged the people of Sierra Leone to support the President’s re-election bid, citing his exemplary character and dedication to serving the nation.

Mrs. Bio’s remarks were made following the launch of the President’s “Peoples’ Manifesto,” a comprehensive plan outlining his vision for the country’s future. The First Lady expressed confidence in her husband’s ability to continue delivering good governance and improve service delivery throughout Sierra Leone.