In a recent declaration ceremony, Charles Francis Margai, the Founder and Presidential Candidate for the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), issued a stern warning to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Margai, during his address at the event organized by Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC), cautioned that the SLPP’s desperation could potentially lead the country into violence.

“SLPP is desperate and they will not mind leading the country into violence. But, if they start a fight, they will live to regret it,” Margai asserted.

Drawing from his experience as the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice under the SLPP-led government in 2018, he emphasized that any potential conflict would not arise in the Northwest region but rather in the Southeast. Consequently, Margai pledged to spearhead the APC’s campaign efforts in that region.

“The fight will not be in the Northwest. The fight will be in the Southeast, and that is why I will lead the campaign in the Southeast,” Margai declared.

He further highlighted the historical role of his party, stating, “In 2007, it was PMDC that brought APC to power. In 2018, it was PMDC that brought SLPP to power. In 2023, we have decided to bring APC back to power.”

Margai also revealed that seven political parties would be declaring their support for the APC, further strengthening the opposition’s position in the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, Chief Somanor Kapen, the former Chairman and Leader of the SLPP, not only declared his support for the APC but also officially joined their ranks during Margai’s declaration.

Chief Kapen expressed his belief that the 2023 election would bring surprises and urged his supporters to redouble their efforts.

“This election will bring surprises. I am not saying this to invoke complacency. If you have been working hard, now you should work harder,” Chief Kapen stated.

Drawing parallels with historical events, he predicted that “history will repeat itself” and invoked the year 1967, hinting at a significant political shift akin to that time.

Chief Kapen concluded his declaration by metaphorically stating, “We are riders in the desert. We are caravans. Nobody goes to the desert alone; it is suicidal.”

The declarations made by Charles Francis Margai and Chief Somanor Kapen have generated considerable attention and anticipation as Sierra Leone approaches the 2023 election. The political landscape in the country appears to be shifting, setting the stage for a potentially intense and closely contested electoral contest.