During the weekly press conference organized by the Ministry of Information And Civic Education on Tuesday, January 30th, 2024, Hon. Mohamed Bangura of the All People Congress (APC) addressed and dispelled ongoing rumors surrounding his representation of Parliamentarians in the United Nations.

He firmly asserted, “It was not the government that took me to the UN. It was my right to be there by virtue of my position in Parliament.”

Hon. Bangura’s statement sought to clarify any misconceptions about the nature of his involvement in international affairs, emphasizing that his role at the UN was a result of his parliamentary position rather than a government initiative. This distinction underscores the autonomy and legitimacy of his representation on the global stage.

In his address, Hon. Bangura expressed a sense of pride in the image Sierra Leone has cultivated on the world stage and commended the respect that the country’s President commands internationally. He stated, “Sierra Leoneans should be proud of the image we have created for our country in the world and the respect our President commands. It’s a blessing.

This sentiment reflects the importance of fostering a positive global perception of Sierra Leone and highlights the role that individuals like Hon. Mohamed Bangura play in contributing to the country’s international standing. By emphasizing the blessing of a respected President, Hon. Bangura indirectly acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the government and its representatives in building a favorable image for Sierra Leone.

As the news of Hon. Bangura’s clarification spreads, it serves as a reminder of the significance of open communication and transparency in dispelling rumors and addressing public concerns. The press conference not only clarified the circumstances of Hon. Bangura’s representation at the UN but also reinforced the idea that such roles are a reflection of parliamentary positions and the inherent rights associated with them.