Leader of the opposition People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Charles Francis Margai has released his Slogan for the June 24th General Elections.

He made this disclosure in an interview with Awoko after his nomination to contest for President in the Elections, was successful.

Speaking to Awoko, Margai revealed that he will be campaigning on “Game Changer.” i.e. he intends to change the political landscape for the benefit of the people of Sierra Leone across the board.

However, Margai did not disclosed his plans on how he intends to do that.

In another interview, Margai again refused to talk about his development plans for Sierra Leone at this present time. When asked about his solutions to tackle the economic problems and the bread and butter issues of the country, this was his response below:

“I humbly beg that you exercise patience with me because I remember in 2007 when we first embarked on campaigning and elections, I went to London and I was interviewed. I was the first person who spoke about free education and I know that it did not just stop at me, it went beyond me and we have seen it … or at least seen an attempt being made to implement it. What I’m shortly saying is that I want to keep my policies for now close to my chest so that people will not steal them and misapply them.”

He promised to talk on them later for fear of others not to steal them.

Margai is the son of Albert Margai, former Prime Minister of Sierra Leone, and the nephew of Sierra Leone’s first Prime Minister Milton Margai.

He was his party’s candidate in the August 2007 presidential election, placing third with 10% of the vote. He however received less than 3% of the votes in the 2012 and 2018 Sierra Leone presidential elections.