Former Hon. Osman Timbo Formally Declares His Return to National Politics 2023

Rumours has rumoured about the return of Hon. Osman Tombo to national politics 2023. Hon. Osman Timbo was a politician who at some point decided to put politics on hold. 

Osman Timbo is a practicing barrister and solicitor with expertise in PPP investments, international adoptions, property law etc. Following his achievements few years back, Osman Timbo in 2019 bagged West Africa Young Leader of the year,an award by Confederation of West Africa Youths. He is also regarded as one of Sierra Leone’s Youth Ambassadors and is among the 100 most influential Sierra Leoneans.

Hon. Osman Timbo had not been fully participating in politics for a while until he was alleged to have stopped being a politician and engaged on other sectors of his career.

As the 2023 election is just around the corner, former Hon. Osman Timbo has officially declared his return to national politics with active participation henceforth.

Expressing his thoughts and giving hope to Sierra Leoneans, Osman Timbo in his own words disclosed this:

Today I choose to formally declare my return to national politics. For the past months and years, many who don’t know me personally, have been asking whether I have given up, since they haven’t been hearing or seeing me. Well, many a time, I had questioned myself whether I am cut out for the noise in our politics. Many a time, I had asked myself whether giving up on being a barrister was a prudent decision – I was definitely on a brilliant trajectory in that field. Many a time, I look at the opportunities I turned down just out of love for this nation.

I must admit, there were times when I thought of quitting and retreating to my happy and quiet place. I felt like politics here has become so toxic that once friends are now enemies, partners are now strangers, every single thought expressed is judged with political lenses and daggers drawn, a feeling of ‘us’ versus ‘them’, a feeling of ‘na we turn’ and ‘we turn dae cam’. It is so sad and draining.

I have always said I am a politician and not an activist or social media commentator, so my being quiet did not mean I wasn’t active. Maybe I lost the platform and those who once invited me for my views stopped inviting me. No problem though.

In my moments of doubt, some voices and scenes and messages remained ever present. How can I just abandon the multitudes of old and young, men and women, boys and girls, students, teachers, disabled, musicians, actors, athletes, traders, professionals, foreigners, my ghetto brothers and sisters, the night workers, the farmers, the Okada, bus and taxi drivers, our compatriots in uniforms, you name them, who turned out to cast their votes in confidence of me. You reposed your trust and confidence in me and I must not turn my back on you now.

Of my contemporaries, I chose the hard way. I chose to seek the validation of the ordinary man, not the pleasure of one man. It was and is hard and grueling but it is the path I chose. I could have gotten it easier, but this is the path I have chosen and the path I wish to stick with.

In the next coming days, weeks and months, I will be announcing my specific political interests within my political party and the nation. I’ll keep you posted.

The journey might be long but I assure you I am in this for good. I am in this for you. I am in this for Salone.

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God bless you, God bless Sierra Leone,” 

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