The National Secretary General of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP Sorbeh), Alhaji Ben Kamara has in a letter described some members of the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) of injustice and interference into their party affairs.

Writing on behalf of the party, Kamara claimed that the representation of their Presidential Candidate, Prince Coker is not supported by the party but was installed by some members of the PPRC.

The PPRC gave credence and openly supported Prince Coker against the entire membership of the PDP Sorbeh.

“The general membership of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) also have reliable evidence to show that, the PPRC Chairman and some senior members of the commission used undue influence by funding and assisting Prince Coker to conduct an illegal so call convention without the knowledge and awareness of the national executive committee and the general membership of the party,” the Party claimed.

The party added some senior members of the PPRC also tried to persuade some of their executive members to support Prince Coker.

They said the majority of their party members did not accede to the PPRC’s ploy which in turn warranted to an ostracisation of the legitimate executive of the party.

They said their regional chairmen in the north and south were barred from participating in politics by the PPRC because they failed to support Coker.

PDP said the matter has been reported to the police and the diplomatic community several times as part of their evidence for the future.

We will continue to make reports, complaints, call for intervention and investigation against Prince Coker to inform the general public and the international community of his criminal activities,” PDP Secretariat said.

Coker has already went through ECSL’s nomination for the June 2023 Presidential Election.

Attempt to bar him from contesting will prove futile since the window period for petitions ended on Wednesday evening.