In a bid to revitalize Sierra Leone’s struggling economy and tackle growing inequalities, the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP) has presented its ambitious manifesto, outlining a comprehensive roadmap for the nation’s future.

Led by Presidential Candidate Beresford Victor Williams, ReNIP aims to “Take Control” and bring about substantial improvements for the people of Sierra Leone.

Addressing the dire situation faced by the country, Williams emphasized the urgent need for change and pledged that ReNIP would be the party to deliver it.

The manifesto highlights the party’s commitment to socialism and the restoration of Sierra Leone’s economy through bold and decisive actions.

ReNIP’s key areas of focus, as outlined in the manifesto, including raising the minimum wage to Le1.5 million, implementing price controls, reducing fuel costs to Le16,000, and effectively managing inflation. The party also proposes a hybrid economy and the nationalization of key industries, alongside a booster allowance grant of $5,000 ($1,000 per year) for each citizen.

Additionally, ReNIP promises to create 1.5 million new jobs, provide social disability allowances, achieve food self-sufficiency, offer free education from infancy, and ensure accessible and cost-free medical treatments. The party also emphasizes the need for improved health and housing facilities, industrialization, and the nationalization of key industries.

With declining living standards, rising job insecurity, and a collapsing public service sector, ReNIP recognizes the strain on Sierra Leone’s citizens, particularly the youth. The party pledges to address these challenges head-on, with a vision of a fairer Sierra Leone where prosperity is shared by all.

Williams stressed that the upcoming election represents a pivotal choice for the country. Voters can opt for the status quo, perpetuating the wealth divide and deepening crises in healthcare and education, or they can embrace the ReNIP party and its plan for radical transformation.

The manifesto lays out a fully costed program, highlighting investments in education, healthcare, finance, agriculture, and cutting-edge industries to uplift the nation.

ReNIP envisions a Sierra Leone where every citizen has equal opportunities, a stable job, decent wages, and dignified living conditions. The party aims to invest the country’s wealth into services that benefit all, including safe communities, well-funded schools, and a revitalized healthcare system that regains its status as a global benchmark.

As the campaign intensifies, ReNIP urges the people of Sierra Leone not to let the established parties, such as the APC and SLPP, hold the nation back. Instead, the party urges voters to choose the path of change, building a Sierra Leone that works for the majority and not just a privileged few.

With the Republic National Independent Party’s manifesto, the election discourse in Sierra Leone takes a new direction, as citizens contemplate the possibilities of a fairer and more prosperous future under the ReNIP vision.

Williams called on Sierra Leoneans and all other parties, including APC and SLPP supporters, to lend him their votes to transform Sierra Leone.

“Let us vote for peace, vote ReNIP,” he stated.

A comprehensive summary slide of ReNIP’s manifesto is posted below: