In a significant blow to the National Grand Coalition (NGC) Party, a group of executive members and aspirants from the Bombali District have tendered their joint resignation.

The decision, which comes after careful consideration and reflection, signals a departure from the party and a pursuit of alternative opportunities.

In their resignation letter dated 21 May 2023, addressed to the NGC Party’s Secretary General, the group expressed gratitude towards the party’s leadership, as well as all NGC members and sympathizers who had provided them with substantial support throughout their tenure.

While proud of their association with the NGC Party and the opportunity to work alongside dedicated individuals, recent events have cast doubt on the party’s alignment with their values.

Highlighting their belief that politics should prioritize serving the people and advancing their interests rather than individual agendas, partisan conflicts, and internal disputes, the resigning members lamented the turn of events in recent months.

They expressed that continuing within the NGC Party would hinder their ability to effectively advocate for the causes they hold dear.

The decision to resign was not taken lightly, underscoring the deep commitment the members had for the principles that initially drew them to the NGC Party. However, they affirmed their determination to continue working towards these goals through other means.

While bidding farewell to the NGC Party, they extended their best wishes for the party’s future endeavors.

The departure of experienced and committed individuals is undoubtedly a setback for the party, which now faces the task of regaining trust and redefining its path.

See letter below: