One of the organisers of the Freetown Mayoral Debate, Sierraeye has responded to a press release issued by the campaign team of SLPP Mayoral Candidate, Mohamed Gento Kamara.

Gento’s campaign team accused the organisers of not following due process taking them unawares. They referred to the debate as a “pre-cooked sham” centred on trapping their candidate.

However, Sierraeye released a letter dated on the 4th April 2023 addressed to the Secretary General of the SLPP requesting the participation of their Mayoral Candidate in the said debate.

“This letter was duly received and acknowledged by Abass Sheku Kamara, who signed as SLPP SG PA, on the same date (4th April 2023),” Sierraeye said.

The noted that they have been engaging political parties “holding numerous conversations and addressing their concerns about the debate”.

“Additional, the debate moderator, Umaru Fofana intervened in these conversations on several occasions,” they said.

They denied the ambushing allegation purported by Gento’s campaign team and said they have maintained open communication with the SLPP representatives.

Sierraeye said the Gento is unwilling to participate in any debate but affirmed that electorates in the Sierra Leonean capital “deserve to hear from its Mayoral Candidates”.

Sierraeye affirmed their commitment to organise the debate with or without the SLPP Candidate but said they will be willing to accept him if he changes his mind.

“It is our responsibility to proceed with the debate, regardless of the participation of any specific candidate,” Sierraeye said.

The debate which has been organised in previous elections with candidates given the opportunity to put forward their strategies to run Sierra Leone’s largest city.