In a recent revelation, social media defenders and bloggers supporting the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) have expressed their grievances over alleged neglect by the party regarding job opportunities and representation during significant events like the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Reports suggest that despite their staunch support for the party, these bloggers have never had the chance to meet with the President or be considered for various roles, including Press Attache positions. Instead, the party’s top government officials are believed to have favored girlfriends and family members who did not support the party during their opposition days.

Notably, influential SLPP blogger Sahr Memphis, CEO of the renowned blog ‘Born to Blog,’ and others like Malik Bah have publicly voiced their discontent on social media platforms. Sahr Memphis, regarded as the oldest SLPP blogger on social media, highlighted the absence of blogger representation during the recent UNGA meeting in the United States, further fueling their frustrations.

Sources indicate that these aggrieved bloggers plan to convene and collectively express their discontent on social media, as they have yet to be granted an audience with the President to address their concerns.