A recent survey conducted by SierraPoll has revealed that the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) will win more parliamentary seats in the main opposition’s All People’s Congress (APC) strongholds.

“SLPP is tipped to form a parliamentary majority in the range of 53 percent to 59 percent while APC will retain its place as the main opposition occupying around 37 percent to 46 percent of the seat,” SierraPoll said.

Although voting pattern in previous elections in some district remain the same, it is fascinating to see that the ruling party made some significant gains in Kambia, Falaba, Port Loko and Koinadugu.

Results from the survey predicted that the SLPP will win 52 Percent of total votes, 48 percent in Koinadugu, 38 percent in Kambia and 18 percent in Port Loko.

According to the polls, the SLPP will win 2 seats each in Falaba, Port Loko, Koinadugu and 2-3 seats in the northwest district of Kambia

The survey also shows that the SLPP will have the least parliamentary votes in Bombali with only 9 percent with a slight possibility of winning a seat.

The dynamics of the parliamentary election has changed considerably with the country switching to a district block proportional representation system proposing an 11.9 percent threshold to win a seat under the district block system.

The threshold will be at a disadvantage for independent candidates and smaller parties to win seats.

“The Survey reveals reduced support for the two smaller parties in parliament, the NGC and C4C even in districts (Kambia and Kono) that they won in 2018,” SierraPoll suggested.

However, the poll revealed that the National Grand Coalition (NGC) will take 15 percent of votes with at least a seat in their stronghold Kambia.