Alhaji Bai Shebora Sumanoh Kapen-III, a former chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party has officially joined the opposition All People’s Congress APC).  

Kapen was welcomed to the APC at an event at the party headquarters in Freetown on Monday.

Speaking in an interview with Awoko, the former traditional leader who had led the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) both as Deputy National Chairman and Leader, and as National Chairman and Leader for six years from 2013 to 2018 said he is marveled by the political system of the APC.

“Yes, I had earlier said I will remain apolitical since I resigned from my former role as National Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, but at some point, I also decided in February to only support the APC presidential candidate Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara as a result of our relationship and to answer to the call by my brother-in-Law and Friend Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh,” he explained.

Chief Kapen also explained that “since I endorsed the candidacy of Samura Kamara in Makeni some three months ago, the APC grassroots supporters and their senior officials have been engaging me to join their party and I’ve rationally pondered about that and finally on Monday afternoon at the Kambia District APC party office, I will officially declare for the APC as a member,”

When asked to share additional reasons for his wanting to join the APC, he further said it’s the political system of the APC that marvels him and he’s “on the move to not only have a feel of the system” but to as well use his “vast political experience to help the struggling party grow,” with his immediate task “being to work with other members of the APC to win the upcoming general elections come June 24 this year.”