David Monina Sengeh, Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, has in one of the campaign tours of President Bio called on supporters to vote to assure President Bio’s second term mandate for a better and sustainable growth in education and sustainable development.

The minister maintained that, a vote for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party can be a vote to change the future of every sierra Leonean child and further explained the gains in the educational sector and how it has impacted the general citizenry of the country at large.

“On the campaign trail in western rural, I’d the privilege to remind voters that a vote for Bio is a vote for free education; a vote for SLPP is a vote for our children’s future! We’ve expanded access by 50%. The people of Tombo self-report that out of school beach boys are fewer”, He maintained.

He said for over five years there is no area in the country that a child cannot access the free quality education and that over the past five years they have expanded the school feeding program for children in the pre-primary and primary sectors.

We have built several toilet facilities; I want to tell you that, the person that has given power and authority to the young people to be involved in decision making is President Bio”, He said.