Mrs. Elizabeth Massah Samura Kamara, wife of presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara, has taken the initiative to educate voters in Pujehun District on the upcoming general elections scheduled for June 24, 2023.

With the aim of ensuring a successful outcome for her husband’s candidacy, Mrs. Kamara embarked on a campaign to enlighten the electorate about the voting process and garner support for Dr. Kamara.

The voter education messages delivered by Mrs. Kamara have resonated well with the people of Massamkpaka, Blama Massaquoi, and surrounding towns and villages within the district.

Expressing her gratitude, Mrs. Kamara thanked the residents for their readiness and eagerness to effect the change that Sierra Leone needs.

She emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections in shaping the nation’s future, urging the citizens to exercise their voting rights and protect the country’s peace and democracy.

Mrs. Kamara concluded her remarks by praying for a peaceful, free, fair, transparent, and credible election.

Dr. Who, the district Chairman of the All Peoples Congress party, expressed his satisfaction with Mrs. Kamara’s efforts and praised the timeliness of her campaign.

He believes that the messages conveyed by Mrs. Kamara will be effectively disseminated across the district, contributing to the success of their party in the upcoming elections.

Representing the voters, Mrs. Haja Fatmata Kamara, a Councillor aspirant from Ward 361 in Kpaka Chiefdom, expressed her delight at the comprehensive education provided by Mrs. Kamara.

She assured Mrs. Kamara of the residents’ commitment and constant contribution to the electoral process.

The event concluded with the enthusiastic rendition of the APC victory song, further energizing the supporters of the All Peoples Congress party in Pujehun District.