As the 6000 spectators stadium named as Southern Arena Stadium is at its 90% of its completion, Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club who doubles as Leone Stars team manager Babadi Kamara has to received a tap on the shoulder for such developmental project in Bo and Sierra Leone in a broader spectrum.

Sierra Leone is a small country with many resources that when weigh with its people, the country can possibly provide for all. Despite all these, yet the country can hardly proud of a well to do Stadium.

A son of the soil from southern part of Sierra Leone, Bo District Babadi Kamara dreamt and envisioned the 6,000 Southern Arena and launched the project early this year. It was in the minds of Sierra Leoneans that the completion date of the project will likely be next year but we’re shocked when photos and videos of the Stadium surfaced at its 50% completion.

On an interview at the start of the project, Babadi revealed that he was not assured he would ever gets the money he invested in the project. But however, what is most important to him is the happiness he gets knowing that Leone Stars will win their home matches played on the Southern Arena.

Daring to such investment single handedly as business man and a sportsman,ย  this has inspired civil society champion Joseph Sannoh who visited the Arena at its 90% completion stage.

Joseph Sannoh who visited the Arena few months ago while undergoing some preconstruction processes was amazed to witness the peak the construction has gone in just few months since launched.

He went to commend Babadi for such a venture and emphasized the impact the Stadium has created in terms of creating employments of youths in Southern region of Sierra Leone and Bo District to narrow it more.

“One man transforming the whole nation in terms of football. This stadium is undoubtedly standard and classic. This take lots of sacrifices to achieve this and we commend you for that Babadi…” Joseph Sannoh mentioned.

He conclusively urged other Sierra Leoneans and politicians to follow the foot steps of Babadi and make more developmental projects that are tangible and will benefit Sierra Leone.

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