Bhantal FC, a rising football club from Sierra Leone, had a remarkable opportunity on May 24th, 2024, as they were invited to participate in a prestigious tryout scouting program organized by renowned football agent Chernor Musa Jalloh and his Spanish partners, including Pachu Martinez, Chief Scout of Real Valladolid Football Club in Spain’s La Liga.

The tryout program commenced with Bhantal FC facing FC Kallon in a thrilling match, which ended in a commanding 3-1 victory for Bhantal FC. This impressive display of skill and teamwork showcased the club’s potential on the field. Continuing the tryouts the next day, Bhantal FC took on AIK Freetong, alongside top players from premier league clubs, in a challenging encounter that ended in a 2-0 defeat for Bhantal FC.

Despite the loss, Bhantal FC’s management expressed gratitude to Mr. Chernor Musa and his partners for the invaluable opportunity provided. The tryout program not only allowed Bhantal FC players to demonstrate their abilities but also facilitated connections with international scouts, opening doors for future opportunities and growth for the club.

Looking ahead, Bhantal FC remains steadfast in their commitment to showcasing their talent and determination, both domestically and internationally. The invitation to participate in the tryout program represents a significant milestone in the club’s journey, signaling promising prospects for their future endeavors.

As Bhantal FC continues to build on their successes, they eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead, fueled by the experiences gained from participating in the prestigious tryout scouting program organized by Chernor Musa Jalloh and his esteemed partners. With determination and perseverance, Bhantal FC is poised to make their mark on the football world, representing Sierra Leone with pride and excellence.