After Shocking 5-0 Defeat to Bo Rangers, Mighty Blackpool Striker Gandy-Willams Reacts to Match Fixing Allegations

As football fans accused Mighty Blackpool Football Club of ‘match-fixing allegations’ following a shocking 5-0 defeat to Bo Rangers on Saturday, Blackpool Striker Ron John Gandy-Williams has reacted on social media, expressing dismay on the allegations. Ron posted on Facebook a few hours after the match in an attempt to clear his name.

Some of we na players with integrity, so tagging us with match-fixing is very unfortunate and frustrating.

Which can be loosely translated as, “Some of us are players with integrity, so tagging us with match-fixing is very unfortunate and frustrating”.

Mighty Blackpool FC Results from the Bo Mini Stadium on Saturday were seen by many as surprising, and many football fans were stunned to see an ‘in-form’ Blackpool side bagging 4 goals from Bo Rangers in the first half, in very quick successions. Following the reactions at halftime, Bo Rangers scoring tally decreased from 4 in the first half to 1 in the second half, with a final scoreline of 5-0 at 90 minutes.

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Bo Rangers and East End Lions are in a ‘two-horse race’ to claim the Sierra Leone Premier League title. Second placed East End Lions lose to FC Johansen on Saturday in Makeni, while Bo Rangers increased their lead to 5 points after beating Blackpool.

Mighty Blackpool is one of the most successful clubs in Sierra Leone, with long history of respect, but yesterday’s incident has put the club’s reputation on the line. Many also expressed their disappointment for allegedly bringing the beautiful game to the mud. Mighty Blackpool are yet to officially respond or reacts to such allegations, aside from their player, Ron Gandy-Williams.


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