The Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club Babadi Kamara has issued a statement after it’s newly signed player, Musa Tombo reportedly eloped with his girlfriend.

Reports filtered on Thursday that Musa Tombo had left the place his club gave him to live and has packed out, leaving all his training outfits behind. The report which was widely circulated on social media also quoted Musa as saying that He is not playing again and would not leave Hawa (his girlfriend).

However, in a statement on Friday, Kamara said the issue making rounds on social media about their star player Alhaji Musa Kakua has been put under control.

Kamara added that Musa as any other individual has his fundamental problems which require patience, prayers, and mentorship. He said the club has promise to provide mentorship to Musa and any other player in Sierra Leone to help them actualize their dreams.

Musa Tombo was given the name Musa Kakua when he joined the Bo Rangers Football Club.