East End Lions FC Chairman Anthony Navo has confirmed in an interview with Star TV Sport that the striker Alie Nzonzi Conteh is an East End Lions Player.

The chairman made this confirmation on Saturday 13th August while responding to social media posts that the player has officially signed for FC Kallon.

He further went on to clarified that the young proliflic striker has a contract with East End Lions till 4th December 2022.

The Chairman believes that Sierra Leone is a country govern with laws and he will use the necessary legal means to prove the player still have a contract with East End Lions.

However, the parent club of the player Goderich United has issued a statement claiming that they went into a free loan  agreement with East End Lions with a special clause which gives them the power to withdraw the player at anytime .

Meanwhile, the Chairman of FC Kallon, Mohamed Kallon has officially confirmed that they have secured the signature of young proliflic striker.

However, it’s not clear who owns the player currently. The Sierra Leone Football Association players status Committee is charged with the responsibility to settle such sporting dispute.