The leadership of the Sierra Leone Premier League Clubs Union (SLPLCU) and its membership is concerned about social media allegations levied against Mr. Babadi Kamara, Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club regarding the issue of Musa Tombo. Some posts claim that Mr. Babadi Kamara has withheld the passport of Musa Tombo in order to prevent him from travelling abroad to continue his football career.

SLPLCU have investigated the veracity of the claim and have found it to be unfounded, that Mr. Babadi Kamara has never been in possession of Musa Tombo’s passport and therefore cannot withhold it. We view such posts as a deliberate attempt to smear the good image of Mr. Babadi Kamara and by extension Bo Rangers Football Club.

Accordingly, we unequivocally condemn this campaign of calumny against someone who continues to contribute immensely to the development of football in our country. We urge social media bloggers to employ professionalism in carrying out their sacred duty of informing the public about issues, especally those that might damage one’s reputation.

We remain committed to protecting the integrity of all
persons and clubs for the good of the game