The Executive of Diamond Stars Football Club has been accused of late payment of salaries and abandoning some players during the Southern Arena Mini Tournament.

According to Sierra Leone Premier League Updates, it was reported that as of 5th May, the players of Diamond Stars haven’t received their salaries for the past two months.

Meanwhile, the Executive is further accused that after the opening of the Southern Arena, the players were left stranded in Bo City.

Reporters say Babadi Kamara, a convener of the Southern Arena mini tournament, contributed 17,500,000 old Leone to ensure Diamond Stars’ full squad could travel to the event. However, it was alleged that Diamond Stars’ executive acted in a contradictory manner.

Furthermore, accusations have been made against the executive for their actions during the tournament. It is claimed that they traveled with only selected players and 15 fans, providing each fan with a small amount of Nle 100.

The players reportedly expressed their hunger, but the Executive cited a shortage of funds as the reason for their inability to provide sustenance. In fact, there were even threats made by the Executive to abandon the players if they refused to leave Bo.

As a result of conflicts with the Executive, some players found themselves stranded in Bo.