Leone Stars has safely arrived home with great courage and honor despite early exit in the ongoing AFCON, 2021 in Cameroon, following the team’s respectable show in Africa’s biggest Football Festival.

Sierra Leone suffered a humiliating group-stage exit at the African Cup of Nations after the three times debutants were beaten by Equatorial Guinea.

At that point some of the supporters of Leone Stars at Limbe Stadium became so weak as some of them even dropped their drums. How Leone Stars went to sleep, and allowed Equatorial Guinea to score a goal was a big shock to us all.

Apart from members of the Leone Stars Supporters delegation in Cameroon, the defeat was a heartbreak for Sierra Leonean Journalists, who covered the AFCON competition. Notable amongst them were Sierra Leone BBC correspondent Umaru Fofanah and African Young Voices Anchor Amadu Lamarana Bah

Sierra Leone and Ghana are the only West African teams to suffer the cruel fate of early exit. Equatorial Guinea has suddenly become the cynosure of eyes, fans and administrators in Cameroon

Winning over Sierra Leone was a pleasant one for Equatorial Guinea, because it is enough for them to advance to the round of 16.

Leone Stars problems began in their first two matches, where they conceded two goals and failed to register a win

Whatever the case!! Many Sierra Leoneans believe that Leone Stars did perform incredibly, amazingly well in the AFCON.

For the first time in decades, Sierra Leone and all she stands for were mirrored to the globe.

This time the country’s name wasn’t broadcast or mentioned to the globe to have undergone Ebola, mudslides, civil war, embezzlement of state funds, or even riotous national elections; but impressive soccer performances.

We will no longer have to undergo the humiliating and excruciating pains to explain to foreigners, what and where Sierra Leone is.

Football has a very complex unpredictability and fragility. Such is the nature of the game. It’s either you win or lose!  this case, we have lost respectfully and with our national dignity untouched.

The team together with its coach will have to figure out its mistakes for future continental engagements.