Sierra Leone fastest track and Field Athlete Maggie Barrie has bid Farewell to the tracks. The American based athlete,200m and 400m Record holder, shed tears as she passionately pens down the emotional resignation.

The Olympian stated on his Facebook page; Goodbye Track…

I’m crying as I write this. Those that understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go behind pursuing a dream with your whole heart will understand this emotion.
Of finally accomplishing your goal and deciding it’s time to move on.

“Track & Field was the air I breathed for 17 years since I was a little girl. The only dream I ever had was to be an Olympian. It didn’t happen in the way I imagined, but I still accomplished it.

“It was a bittersweet moment. To finish my Olympic race and just feel in my mind, body, and soul that I was done. That I had no more to give.
Done with this amazing, whirlwind life of being a pro athlete.

“Track & Field gave me once-in-a-lifetime experiences, enabled me to travel the world and be coached by amazing individuals. It taught me how to be brave when no one believed in me and how to stand tall when a whole country was counting on me to represent them. I’m so thankful to God for this experience.

“Now, the book closes on this part of my life. I will always reread it with happiness and pride for all I did. Thank you to everyone who supported me and cheered me on.
I’m ready to start my new chapter. #trackandfield #Olympics”

Margaret Vanessa Barrie (born 29 May 1996) is a Sierra Leonean sprinter. She competed in the women’s 400 metres at the 2017 World Championships in Athletics. In 2019, she competed in the women’s 200 metres and women’s 4 × 400 metres relay at the 2019 African Games held in Rabat, Morocco.

She was the flagbearer for Sierra Leone Tokyo 2020 with Fredrick Harris. Barrie was expecting to be entered into the 400 metres race at the 2020 Summer Games. However, an administrative error saw her entered into the 100 metres instead.She ran a season’s best time to come through the preliminary round and improved her season’s best again in the heat but didn’t proceed to the semi final.

Besides Athletics, Barrie studied  Computer Science  at the Ohio sate University. The Professional Athlete recently unveiled  her fiancé to the public while visiting major  touristic sites in Europe