As the National Female Premier League Kickstart is scheduled this weekend Saturday 15th October, 2022 at the Museum field Makeni, according to the chairperson of the Female Premier League Board Asmaa James 12 teams will be participating from different corners of Sierra Leone.

The Female Premier League Board met two days ago with the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone His Excellence, Bregidier Julius Maada Bio (Rtd) to settle and issue the green light to the aforementioned competition.

During the visit in the State House with President Bio and other key stakeholders of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), the President admonished young players to also pay attention to their education to help them succeed in their careers and further extends his gratitude to the Female Premier League Board for their sacrifices to make this event an history remember.

As the league starts this Saturday coming, we bring you the 12 participating team which are properly scrutinized to reach this number as the Board went through a thorough panel of interviews to ensure that they had proper agreement contracts with the girls and necessary criteria to ensure that the competition starts and finishes in a free and fair play were put in place.

This Asmaa James added that the Board has been working tirelessly, including going across the country to ensure that the league became a success.

The opening ceremony of the competition is tied between Mena Queens Vs Kahunla Queens this weekend. Both teams have their chances to battle for the real queen in the competition as there are many queens from different football kingdoms aiming for the cup.

Among other teams are:

1. Malema Queens FC

2. Mena Queens FC

3. Koya Queens FC

4. Koinadugu Albitaya Female FC

5. Kahunla Queens FC

6. Patricia Umu FC

7. Victory Female FC

8. FC Kallon

9. Sierra Leone Police FC

10. Mogbwemo Queens FC

11. Ram Kamara FC

12. Correctional Sports Sierra Leone FC

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