Metro Cable Africa has hosted a celebratory cocktail dinner for Mogbwemo queens, winners of the 2023 Sierra Leone Female Premier League on Saturday 13th May at the Radisson Blu Mamy Yoko Hotel, Aberdeen in Freetown.

Hajara Boma, Head of Marketing Metro Cable revealed that as one of the key sponsors of Mogbwemo queen, they came onboard to help the team with the league this year with mainly financial support.

Looking forward next year, she expresses commitment that they want to support them with scholarships for education opportunities and also in other different works of life but also creating impact by teaching them new skills that can help them even after they finished playing football.

Speaking on the rationale behind Mogbwemo queens, she affirmed that Mogbwemo Queens are the first to reach out to them and they believe in supporting the power of women and young people. She encapsulate that when they reach out to Metro for support, they just came on board to support them because they believe in creating impact on the lives of young people.

β€œWe gonna start continue supporting them, not just with financial support but really look more and really figure out what do these girls wants to do. There is one thing they are playing sports but life after sports so we really want to make sure that we are creating that relationship that if some of them are interested in technology and engineering we can connect them with people for internships, job opportunities if we gonna have any opening and they feel like they can apply giving them the opportunity to apply. So we want to not just support them financially but educationally because we believe in the power of education and also career development,” she stated.

Adama Paulina Suma, Technical Director of Mogbwemo queens affirmed that Metro Cable Africa is one of their key sponsors and they organized the celebratory cocktail for the team.

She further revealed that during the unveiling of their New Jersey in the second leg of the season, they carry the Metro Cable brand right in front of their jersey. Despite the support Metro is providing for the team, they are also open to Partner with more cooperate houses to ensure sustainability of the team.

Speaking on the force behind the success of the team, she pointed out they have been preparing for about 4 to five years ago with friendly matches Ghana and the Gambia as they believe in the mantra that Rome was not built in a day. She added that during their preparation cycle, they were not expecting that they will have to play the 2023 Sierra Leone Female premier league.

She urged the government and other cooperate Houses to support not only Mogbwemo but also other female Football clubs who are struggling without sponsors.