Leone Stars Forward and Malmö striker, Mohamed Buya Turay missed his own wedding ceremony with his former girlfriend and now wife Suad Baydoun six days ago.

To many Sierra Leoneans, it were as if Mohamed Buya was present during the wedding ceremony. The reason to this unfortunate absence was as a result of the club’s request to join the squad immediately after his official announcement.

The transfer of Mohamed Buya Turay was announced by Malmo on 22 July after travelling to the city, unfortunately for the player who has scheduled his wedding ceremony in Sierra Leone to have taken place on 21 July.

Malmo wanted him to link up with his teammates sooner and because he wasn’t able to be in two places at once, Turay had to get his brother to take his place for the wedding to his girlfriend Suad Baydoun.

However, he hasn’t actually been with his wife since they officially tied the knot and they are hoping for a honeymoon later this year.

When he was interviewed, Mohamed Buya disclosed:

“We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone,” Turay told Afton Bladet. But I wasn’t there because Malmö asked me to come here earlier.

We took the pictures in advance. So it looks like I was there but I wasn’t. My brother had to represent me at the wedding itself.

“But I will try to get her to Sweden and Malmö now so she can be close to me. She will live here with me.”