The Owner of FC Kallon Football Club, Mohamed Kallon, once seen by the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) as a prospective head of the national football team, has openly shared his sentiments regarding the recent decisions made by the SLFA executive members.

The former Leone Stars captain expressed his initial joy, recalling how the SLFA recognized his leadership potential. “They saw a leader in me,” Kallon said. However, he acknowledged the differences in terms and conditions between himself and the association, highlighting that it’s a part of life to experience both setbacks and victories.

“Initially, SLFA dimmed me fit and beyond all reasonable doubts saw a leader in me. However, our terms and conditions differed. Although we couldnt meet at a juncture, it is important we know it is part of life’s journey to loose some and win some.”, He said.

Kallon remains optimistic about future opportunities, expressing his enduring passion for supporting his homeland, especially in the sports sector. He emphasized his belief that every decision made is for the best interest of the country. Even though the recent turn of events left him disappointed, Kallon trusts that it is part of a divine plan that will eventually lead to greater achievements for both him and Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Kallon also took the opportunity to extend his best wishes to the newly appointed technical team: Amidu Karim, Francis Zappa Koroma, and Alhaji Foray (Abedi). He hopes that they will bring success and honor during their tenure and urged everyone to prioritize the nation’s interests.

“Make we put SALONE first,” Kallon passionately concluded, signifying his unyielding love and commitment to Sierra Leone.