The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) secretary general Chris Kamara has responded to claims made by Football Legend Mohamed Kallon of not being informed by the FA of the Decision taken by the CAF Disciplinary Board.

Chris Kamara denies claims made by Mohamed Kallon that the FA did not inform him of the CAF’s decision before going out to issue a press release

“I can openly challenge Mohamed Kallon that he has been very economical with the truth wanting to gain sympathy from a public that needs to know the truth” Chris Kamara states

He said for Mohamed Kallon to state in his piece that he was never communicated to of the decision of the CAF Disciplinary Board by the SLFA is a blatant lie.

Chris Kamara furthered that Both Mohamed Kallon and Cidy Bah received their letters from the SLFA on the 28th of November 2022 and both acknowledged receipt of same.

Adding that Mohamed Kallon even asked questions as to how to appeal the said matter to the CAF Appeals Committee and the SLFA provided the guide.

Whilst Cidy Bah and Tunde Scott were quick to tell me that, it was not Cidy Bah but Kemokai Kallon who should be sanctioned as a mistaken identity. I advised them to appeal the decision if they believe they have material facts to justify their assertions” he added

He maintained that the SLFA has done nothing wrong in putting out the said press release as it was done in compliance with the operations of a Football Federation.

“Another lie is to state that SLFA received $3 million for female football. For the records, no FA in the world has ever received such funds from FIFA other than project funding ( Forward 2.0) that is paid to the supplier directly” he adds

“Mohamed, Female Football worldwide received an amount of $500,000 as part of the FIFA COVID -19 Solidarity funding ( $1.5 million) for a 4-year duration and the FA was transparent enough to communicate that to the public and the football community before even the money was sent during COVID 19” he continued

“We are proud to state that both FIFA Central Review and our auditors have audited the usage of the funds and today we are a reference point on the utilization of the COVID-19 funds by FIFA”

“I ask that you withdraw your statement that you were not informed which is untrue or I will be tempered” he states