A football fan of the Sierra Leone Premier League, Murana Magona has caution Leone Stars Prolific Striker Musa Tombo About his recent Activities off Pitch

Murana Magona stated on his viral post “Musa Tombo, the “Mario Balotellie” of Sierra Leone’s football. It’s obvious that Musa is a massive talent and a joy to watch, but his indescribable activities off the field is killing the gem in him slowly. From being a social puppet courtesy of his inept wife to a “no hungry for goal” striker.
Musa’s script is beginning to discard by the emergence of Nzonzi of East End Lions.

“A young and hardworking lad whose eyes are set on scoring goals. This boy is hungry and scoring goals for fun unlike Musa. Yes, it’s too early to compare the former to the latter, but from the look of things, this boy doesn’t look like slowing down. Musa need to improve his mentality and start being the striker we knew back in the days. Else, another gem is here ready for his throne. It’s now or never.”

Magona believes one must analyze the beautiful game of football devoid of sentiment. He confirms that he is a big fan of the Sierra Leone Premier League and have been following threads since the inception of the “money game”.

He concluded by cautioning FC Kallon that “We shouldn’t forget the fact that superiority complex is also a nemesis for F.C. Kallon. They’re no more the “poster boys” of the Sierra Leone Premier League. This is just a reality check”. he stated.