The new chairman of the Port Loko District Football Association, Osman (magic) Kabba, has talked about a fifty million gala competition in an interview with Sierraloaded during the opening ceremony of an ongoing pre-season gala competition in Port Loko.

Since I have taken the mantle of leadership, I want to improve from the work of my predecessor and take the district football to a higher level. I have just started with supporting this ongoing competition, the major one is coming very soon, which will include all the chiefdoms of the district. It will be a competition of fifty million where a golden boot, golden glove and every other award will be available -all these awards are intact and here with us in Port Loko,” The chairman extensively revealed.

He added that, he is not encountering challenges as at now, it is only that they are searching for an office space to do the secretariat job. He called on Port Loko people to embrace him saying the power is for everybody and not him alone, despite him staying in Lungi. He asked football-loving fans in the district to treat him as their child due to the fact that Port Loko Town and Lungi are in the same district.