In a highly anticipated match between Bo Rangers and Eastern Lions on Saturday at the Southern Arena, tensions ran high as the CCTV camera footage captured the Eastern Lions’ goalkeeper, Donald Kamara expressing his frustration by venting his anger on a stadium door, causing damage that necessitated repairs.

Despite the off-field incident, the match proceeded, and Bo Rangers emerged victorious with a 1-0 scoreline in the return leg of the ongoing Sierra Leone Premier League. This victory served as a bitter reminder for Eastern Lions, who had previously suffered defeat at the hands of Bo Rangers in their home stadium in Freetown.

The disturbing actions of the Eastern Lions’ goalkeeper drew significant criticism from spectators and commentators alike. Many expressed their discontent with the way the team channeled their anger by resorting to destructive behavior, resulting in the vandalism of several chairs within the Arena by agitated supporters.

The Southern Arena, where the match took place, stands as a testament to the ambition of private businessman Babadi Kamara, who serves as the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club.

With a capacity to accommodate 60,000 people, the stadium was inaugurated just 7 days ago in the presence of the country’s President and other esteemed dignitaries. As a result, sports enthusiasts nationwide have hailed the Southern Arena as a potential replacement for the National Stadium during international matches until the latter undergoes renovation.

With only four matches remaining in the league, Bo Rangers find themselves on the brink of clinching the Sierra Leone Premier League title for the second consecutive time. As the season reaches its climax, all eyes are on Bo Rangers to see if they can successfully defend their championship and solidify their status as the premier team in Sierra Leone football.