Sierra Leonean Football Fan Calls on John Keister to Resign

I have been a critique of John Keister from his days with East End Lions Fc and I still critique his style. I usually criticise him constructively. I will like to have my say on his poor run of abysmal performances and poor results with the Sierra Leone national team in three points.

1. Poor or outdated tactics: His tactics, style of play and approach to matches are long outdated and if he wants to turn things around swiftly he needs a change of tactics and build on a modern formation of play and give the team a facelift and an identity of play.

2. Average or not good enough players: It is evident that our players are not good enough to compete at the highest level in football, most of them are overhype and find themselves on the fringes of their clubs bearly having regular game time and playing in the lower leagues in Europe or Asian. You can only play matches to honour fixtures but not to compete with such crops of players.

3. Interference of top officials in his job: We all know how things are done out here when it comes to selecting or inviting players for national duty “DEM GEE YOU DE COW DEM OL DE ROPE ”
Top officials from the sports ministry, national sports authority and SLFA dictate the choice of players the head coach should invite or else he will be relieved of his role as head coach. This is sickening and disturbing as this always hindered the preparation for matches and has negative implications on the coach formation and results are hard to come by with such negative attitudes of the powers that be.

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So if I were John Keister I would rather save my reputation and resign from y position to clean up my CV for future employment. But again in a country where job opportunities are hard to come by and considering the monthly package it is difficult to take such decisions.

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