The Head of Media of the Sierra Leone Premier League Board, Abdul Karim Kargbo has revealed reasons for the postponement of the week 27 fixtures.

Kargbo revealed that it is time to celebrate people investing in the game stating

The one key reason for suspending the Week 27 matches is that, we have seen an individual from the private sector who is the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers FC and the Team Manager of Leone Stars construct a stadium on his own and he’s about to open it we, therefore, want to celebrate him that’s why we take such a huge step as a football family,” he disclosed.

He further affirmed that the directive to discontinue the league comes from the country’s football governing body adding noting that “Before the date is agreed upon, the SLFA was consulted and that they don’t want to make it all Bo Rangers FC affairs rather inclusive with a Regional Gala, therein the FA direct the Board to suspend the week 27 matches to give a kind of acknowledgment to the owner for such investment into football,” he accentuated.

Kargbo concluded that the league is playing under a deficit due to a lack of funding, as their budget presented to the FA was not achieved” The President Bio led Government disbursed to the Board 2.5 Billion Leones Old Notes after our initial budget of six billion Leones old notes.

As we speak now, we are running the league in a deficit just to ensure the league is played,” he pointed out, as was reported in an interview with NewsFeedSierraLeone