Just six days after the highly anticipated opening of the Southern Arena Stadium in Bo, a disturbing photo has surfaced on various social media platforms, capturing the vandalism of one of the seats within the newly constructed facility.

The incident is believed to have occurred during a heated match between Bo Rangers and East End Lions in the Sierra Leone Premier League.

The photograph circulating online depicts a damaged seat, raising concerns about the security measures put in place for the stadium. Bo Rangers emerged victorious in the intense clash, securing a 1-0 win against East End Lions on Saturday, May 27th. This triumph solidified their position in the Sierra Leone Premier League, extending their lead by an impressive 13 points.

Despite the widespread dissemination of the image, the stadium management has remained silent regarding the reported act of destruction. No official statement has been released concerning the incident, leaving fans and spectators to speculate about the incident’s motives and the stadium’s response.

The Southern Arena Stadium, with a capacity to accommodate 6,000 individuals, was meticulously designed and constructed by the esteemed businessman and philanthropist, Babadi Kamara. The grand opening of the stadium garnered immense excitement and anticipation among the local community, who had eagerly awaited the completion of this landmark project.

While the act of vandalism serves as a stark reminder of the challenges associated with managing a public facility of this magnitude, many still hold hope that the management will address the issue promptly and implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The Southern Arena Stadium, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, was envisioned to be a symbol of pride for Bo and a platform for nurturing young football talents in Sierra Leone.