In recent times, KIWA ISA Sport, a FIFA-preferred company based in the Netherlands conducted a field test on 23rd February 2023 on Southern Arena as part of the criteria set out by FIFA in approving new sports facilities.

According to SLFA, the expert from FIFA Cemil Nadir said the pitch certification will be available in three weeks’ time following a laboratory test that will be conducted in the Netherlands using a few samples collected from the pitch. Thus, the certification of the pitch is subject to the outcome of the laboratory test to be conducted by FIFA.

The pitch-testing exercise targeted a number of technical areas, including but not limited to; ball rebound, ball roll, shock absorption, rational resistance, and pitch dimension.

The FIFA-approved Company came to Sierra Leone following recent efforts made by the Sierra Leone Football Association in conducting CAF-mandated inspection and Assessment of the 6’000 capacity of Southern Arena to host national and international matches.