East End Lions Goalkeeper, Donald Kamara has apologised for his action at the Southern Arena stadium after his team suffered a one nil defeat to rivals and champions, Bo Rangers.

“I want to apologise to the management of my team, Mr. Babadi and the management of the Southern Arena,” he said on a video.

He said his action to hit one of the dressing room doors and destroying it was unintentional but rather the emotion after the game.

“It is the emotion of the game because I was in pain since we lost three points,” Kamara said.

CCTV footages at the new Southern Arena stadium showed Kamara hitting a door after the match.

The management of the stadium released photos and videos of Francis Koroma of the Lions technical team having a trade of words Bo Rangers striker Musa ‘Tombo’ Kamara and supporters during the match.

In response to the allegations, the management of the Killers released a statement calling for independent investigations while condemning the action.

Late on Monday evening, sources close to the Sierra Leone Premier League Board indicated that they are about institute the Disciplinary Committee to look into the matter.

Bo Rangers are now four wins away of winning the title for the second time in a row.