Leone Stars Captain and Former England international Steven Caulker has strongly criticized Wigan’s repeated failure to pay their players on time.

The club was penalized with point deductions in March for this very reason, having already missed three payment deadlines.

Regrettably, the situation worsened as Wigan subsequently failed to meet their financial obligations to the players and staff two more times.

This has caused great frustration for Caulker, a defender for the team, who expressed his discontent in a LinkedIn post.

Caulker suggested a hypothetical scenario where he would purchase a football club, heavily promote it through sponsorships and player signings, and make promises of commitment to the fans.

However, when it came time to pay the wages, he would only compensate a select few players whom he deemed valuable to the club.

Caulker expressed disbelief at such a situation, highlighting the unjust treatment some players have experienced at Wigan.

In light of the club’s relegation to League One, Caulker expressed his sympathy for the loyal Wigan supporters, describing the state of affairs as deeply saddening.

One fan was pleased to see Caulker speak out about the issues plaguing the club, appreciating his candidness.

Responding to the delayed wage payments, Wigan released a statement explaining the reasons behind the delay.

The club acknowledged the delay in paying wages, assuring that staff wages were eventually paid, albeit after the intended deadline.

The chairman, Mr. Talal Al Hammad, decided to prioritize payments for as many employees as possible given the available resources.

The statement assured that all remaining staff, including players, would receive their wages promptly following the Bank Holiday weekend.

Wigan’s ownership group, Phoenix 2021 Limited, emphasized its commitment to resolving the matter swiftly and expressed apologies for the stress caused.

The statement concluded by mentioning that the first-team players were granted a day off from training due to the challenging circumstances, and the club would refrain from making further comments until they had obtained additional clarification.